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"Welcome to the Pakistan Climate Change Portal!

The Pakistan Climate Change Portal is a product of the Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC) and aims to provide users with a complete online repository of available knowledge on climate change and related areas in the context of Pakistan. This includes an online library which can be accessed through the Climate Resource Center tab which contains all the major reports, publications, research, policy documents, as well as scientific and numerical data. Additionally, maps and visualizations as well as related descriptions and further information for climate change related variables have been provided which can be accessed through the Climate, Impacts, and Vulnerabilities tabs.

To use the Resource Center, please search the Knowledge Navigator by entering the title of the publication or document you wish to search for. Additionally, you may narrow down your search by choosing a specific Focus Area, Thematic Sector, Geographical Location, Publishing Date, Content Type, or specific Keywords in the given menu.
To use the maps and visualizations feature, please click on either the Climate, Impact or Vulnerabilities tab and then choose the required variables from the drop-down menus.

In case you think there is an important document, publication or specific information that you could not find in the Climate Resource Center, please use the "Share Your Information" feature to upload it or email us at

We shall be trying to continuously update, improve and expand the knowledge, data and information provided; we hope you find Pakistan Climate Change Portal useful and will help us in improving it by providing your valuable feedback. Thank you."

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Need to build...

Posted On 2017-12-26

The Pakistani delegation, comprising around 20 officials, which headed to Bonn to attend this year’s UN Climate Change...


Posted On 2017-11-27

Pakistan is already contributing 8% of its budgetary allocations to address the issue of climate change as it faces huge impacts...

Pakistan takes...

Posted On 2017-11-16

Islamabad: Pakistan is taking a number of initiatives to prevent crop damage due to weather hazards, which are changing cropping...

Pakistan to...

Posted On 2017-11-15

Without devising a national water policy, it would be quite baseless to envision Pakistan among top 10 largest economies of the...


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